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Kirsten's Links:
Victoria's Secret Women's clothing
Food Network Food TV with lots of receipes
News(MSN) News, weather, white pages...
Steiff Teddy's The US Steiff Site

Carsten's Links:
Mountainbike review Biketest's and more
DVDR Help If you are looking for tools and help with country code and TV standart
NAPP Everything Adobe Photoshop
Geocaching THE GPS Hobby
GPS Mapping software from Australia
USA Photo maps Free Satellite images

Julia's Links:
Neopets Virtual Pets and other stuf like html  programming.
Diddl Games and more about Diddl and Diddlina
Harry Potter Fun games and wizard stuff
Official LOTR movies Website (Flash version)

Bjoern's, Joana's and Finn's Links:
Lego The definitive Lego website
Star Wars The main lucas page
Barbie Homepage

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