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Bj at the white sands Balloon Fest

Bjoern (BJ the “Bear”)
Bjoern is the oldest of the boys but he is not too old to take care of his little brothers once in a while by playing with them. Even for his younger sister he has become the teacher on how to use a computer. His favorite sport in soccer, but he too owns and rides a mountain bike. Bjoern also joins his father for their shared hobby Geocaching. He owns all the necessary equipment, like a compass, binoculars trekking clothes and shoes. All dad provides is his GPS.
Bjoern is interested in Dinosaurs and owns some books on them. He also owns a lot of books about stars and space. His favorite reading is the Three”???”. His taste in music has been influenced by his older sister and his father to some definite old rock, Van Halen stile.
Bjoern was born in Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein and lived his first years in Germany in Wanderup, where he still has a lot of friends.
By the time he joined the 1 st grade the family had already moved to Alamogordo, New Mexico. He started out school in the German School Alamogordo. After tow years in that school, the family moved back to Germany where he joined his old friends in the Wanderup elementary school. But only for one year. Now back in the U.S. he visits the Carmel River School. His favorite subjects in school are Math and Science.